Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids photoshoot!

I am forever grateful that I am able to capture so much of my wonderful kids lives. They are so cute and AWESOME! They are very aware of the camera and instead of throwing fits if they don't want to cooperate then they just keep getting closer to the camera instead of staying where they are supposed to be. hhhhhhhhh They are too smart. I was bummed that Skylin, the youngest, fell asleep when we got to the open field but oh well. Trevon had the best time in the world out there. He really needs his daddy to come home to take him on more adventures than he gets to go on right now. But it's ok because we only have ONE MORE MONTH!!!!!!! Anyway, :), It was so incredibly hard to keep Trevon clean in his white shirt with all that was around him to explore from the train tracks to the field with sticks but he had a blast anyway. Karlie seemed to only be pulling a cheesy face the entire time so guess who gets to go back to take a good picture to match Trevon and Skylin's on the train tracks.... That is the beautiful thing about being able to take my own pictures. I can do them over and not feel bad about hurting the photographers feelings!