Friday, September 4, 2009

Our little Adventure!!

So today we were on our way to go to the park when Trevon had to go pee. We are currently TRYING to potty train him, which by the way is MUCH harder than Karlie was. We turned onto the next little side road we came to and let him have a bonding pee moment with his daddy. Too bad I didn't have my camera for that picture. Anyways, Myles, being a very curious guy and loves to know where every road goes, continued on down the road that had signs of a restricted area some where near there. If I were driving I would have turned around, but I wasn't driving. Just to make a note, we didn't go into any restricted area. We just drove past the restricted area. Just a little drive down this little bumpy road and a short hike later this is were we ended up. It was way more fun than going to a park for all of us! Trevon got soaked in the icy cold water but didn't mind it one bit. Karlie kept sliding down the huge rocks and Skylin tried a little of both.

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